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When love bites.

Dont scoff it does happen! Lets say for a moment that you are a single retiree living in a retirement village when, suddenly, across the smoky atmosphere of the mahjong table, you spot the new love of your life. A

Contact the Administration Department for Your Plumbing Maintenance

We were recently asked who was responsible for utilities maintenance in a retirement village scenario, so we spoke to a few local trades to get their take. Plumbing Maintenance Whether you live in an apartment complex, retirement village or any

Elderly residents who are a danger to themselves and neighbours

Great article by Jimmy Thomson in the Sydney Morning Herald today on what to do about elderly residents who are a danger to themselves and neighbours. Question: Our building was on fire again today.  The elderly owner concerned has caused fires in

A Current Affair gets it wrong

On the 4th of July 2014, A Current Affair ran a story about retirement villages. Normally ACA is an advocate for the retirement village industry so it was interesting to see such a one-sided view on the sensationally titled story

When retirement village units dont sell

As I outlined in my article HERE, one of the biggest traps with retirement villages is when you exit your unit, for whatever reason, and the village operator is unable to re-sell it. In this situation you are effectively trapped

What exactly do they mean by Independent Living?

When you start your retirement village research you will regularly come across the term Independent Living. But what does it actually mean? Physically, the built-form of retirement village units are either a detached villa, a single-level townhouse that may form

Can you be too OLD to live in a retirement village?

Many people think that retirement village are full of old people, but is it possible to be too old to live in a retirement village? Retirement villages are communities of independent living units targeted to retirees who are still able